TSST:  MFL Spanish

FREE subject specialism training

January 2020 – May 2020

Our free high quality course is designed to up-skill non-specialist teachers with language and mastery knowledge in Spanish at KS3 and KS4 and returners to the profession.

George Abbot Teaching School are delighted to be running our hugely successful MFL Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) again for the fifth year.

“Sam is excellent and the resources are brilliant. He understands each delegate’s needs and experiences, catering for individual styles through questioning and responses.” (Participant A)

 Aims of the course:

The purpose of TSST is to improve the subject knowledge of non-specialist and returning teachers in MFL and to increase confidence for non-specialist teachers of Spanish. The training is therefore available to those who are already teaching, or have a firm intention to teach Spanish in a secondary school.

By the end of the course teachers will:

    • Strengthen MFL Spanish subject pedagogy
    • Develop an understanding of the key grammar and vocabulary which form part of the KS3 and KS4 specification
    • Be able to apply this understanding with a view to teaching KS3 and KS4
    • Gain an understanding of pronunciation, cultural knowledge and appreciation, common issues faced by students and other elements to increase confidence to teach at KS3 and KS4
    • Enhance the learning experience for students by maintaining their interest in the subject and introducing Spanish culture into lessons to enhance engagement

Programme dates and times:

Date (all 16.30-18.30 except final session which is longer due to a meal)  




Proposed Language content (NB – each session will also allow for discussion of language teaching issues that occur at each stage plus opportunities for integrating cultural aspects)
1.     Wed 15th Jan   Basic introductions (looking at the trickier aspects of teaching personal details, family, pets, descriptions) / adjective agreements / regular, reflexive and basic irregular verbs
2.     Wed 29th Jan   School / house – teaching ‘gustar’ verbs / teaching ‘ser and estar’ / radical changing verbs
3.     Wed 12th Feb   Town / weather / pastimes (KS4 use of the gerund with this) / introducing the ‘immediate future’
4.     Weds 26th Feb   Clothes / Food / Comparisons / Demonstratives / Direct object pronouns
5.     Weds 11th Mar   Holidays / Films and arranging to meet up / preterite tense
6.     Weds 6th May   KS4 Key new grammar: preterite and imperfect tenses / describing past experiences/ por vs par / prepositional pronouns, indirect objects pronouns and combining pronouns
7.     Weds 20th May

(End of programme meal in a Spanish restaurant.)





KS4 key new grammar: future and conditional tenses / ideal jobs / perfect tenses / what you have or had done


Additional lesson observations offered at George Abbot School.
Lunch and course materials are provided – free to attend.


Venue address:          George Abbot Teaching School, Woodruff Avenue, Guildford GU1 1XX

Course Tutor:             Sam Baker – Royal Grammar School, Guildford

Main Contact:            Jackie Blackwood at George Abbot Teaching School – Tel 01483 888047