Welcome to George Abbot Teaching School

George Abbot Teaching School was one of the first teaching schools and has been operating since 2011.

From the outset, the work of Teaching Schools addressed the ‘big six’ themes:

  1. Continuing professional and leadership development (CPLD)
  2. Initial Teacher Training
  3. Research and Development
  4. School to school support
  5. Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  6. Succession planning and talent management

Whilst continue to work within these six broad themes our current revised explores:

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Continuing professional and leadership development (CPLD)
  • School to school support

In order to work effectively as a Teaching School, we work with a partnership of over 50 schools in order to ensure that our Teaching School offer is broad, that it draws upon the expertise from a range of schools and school leaders and that it supports the system-led model of school improvement. These partners are essential for the range, depth and quality of our work and offer.

You will see the breadth of our teaching school offer within this website which clearly demonstrates our commitment to the professional development of all who work within schools and our desire to ensure every child receives high quality teaching and learning.

Andrew K Roach
Director: George Abbot Teaching School